Hola, welcome!

I'm Ana, a Los Cabos-based and destination photographer. Whether it's capturing the anticipation of your baby's arrival, the joy of your engagement, or the magic of your wedding day, I'm here to capture the natural, simple, and joyful moments of your life.

Imagine this: we'll hang out, have a good ol' chat, and create a photo session that feels like you're just chilling with your BFF (who also happens to have a wicked eye for capturing awesomeness). I want to make sure you're totally comfortable, so you can be your fabulous, authentic self— no stiff poses or awkwardness allowed!

Let's get together and chat about how we can turn your unique love story into mind-blowing images. Get ready to embark on a photography adventure that not only captures the love and beauty in your life but also creates a bond between us that's straight-up magical.

Let´s create memories together


What types of photography services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of photography services, including wedding photography, portrait photography, family photography, event photography, commercial photography, and more. We specialize in capturing meaningful moments and creating stunning visual stories.

How do I book a photography session with your team?

Booking a photography session is easy. Simply reach out to us through our website, email, or phone, and let us know the type of session you're interested in. We'll guide you through the process, discuss your requirements, and find a convenient date and time for your session.


Can we choose the location for our photo shoot?

Absolutely! We believe that the location plays a significant role in capturing unique and personalized photographs. Whether it's at your home, a scenic outdoor location, or a venue of your choice, we're open to capturing your portraits in a place that holds meaning to you.

How long does a typical photo session last?

The duration of a photo session varies depending on the type and scope of the project. Portrait sessions typically range from 1 to 2 hours, while events and weddings can span several hours. We strive to provide ample time to capture all the important moments and ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the session.


How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?

We understand the anticipation of seeing your final photos. Our editing process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the volume of images and the complexity of editing required. We prioritize quality and attention to detail to deliver exceptional images that exceed your expectations.

What happens if the weather is unfavorable on the day of an outdoor shoot?

If the weather doesn't cooperate on the day of an outdoor shoot, we can discuss alternatives such as rescheduling the session or finding an indoor location. We want to ensure the best possible outcome for your photos, and we're flexible in adapting to unforeseen circumstances.




Ana Vidal is a Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas & San José del Cabo) Photographer. Shooting weddings, elopements, couples and family portraits in all of Los Cabos area and destinations worldwide.